How To Unsend An Email On

How to Unsend Email on Gmail Gmail is a web based email Provider in which Emails are stored. These Emails are stored in a Cloud storage that mean you can access through your mails with Different Devices. The Gmail program also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread. Gmail is inspired by the limited storage of mails and user's complaining about the lack of storages. Having a Gmail account is important. What are the services of Google? Apart from having an email account, Google offers you access to Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps and many more! With Google Drive, as an example, you can have Excel, Word, Powerpoint and drawings online.

Undo a sent Mail in Gmail :

 You just need to upload them into Google Drive and they can be edited from there without needing to download them into the computer you are using at the time. You can also choose who can see which documents and allow them, or not, to be printed. By using YouTube with your Gmail account , you will have a better access to your favorite videos and music. Ever sent a Mail and regret why you sent it? You can now unsend an Email so that there will be no regretting. "Undo Send" is finally available on Gmail. This Undo feature is like the best feature of Gmail and will be available to all Gmail users. This Feature is already available for Lab users. The thing about this feature is that it doesn't really remove the email on user's inbox, that would be high level hacking. What it really does is it waits for a time until if is confirmed that you won't regret it when the mail is actually sent. Gmail will let you choose the time for which you want the email to really send. How you can actually unsend an E-mail Go to your Gmail settings below your Profile picture and there you will find the option "Enable Undo Send" and along with it you can customize the Cancellation Period for Undo Send - 5, 10, 20 or 30 Seconds.

Click to save changes to use this feature every time you send a Mail. What really will happen is when you go to Compose Mail at the upper left corner of the Gmail Page and send an Email, then you'll see a message at the at the Top of the Screen saying "Your Message has been sent. Undo. View message".

To undo send you can click on Undo. Gmail will stops the message from sending it and displays it in case you wish to make any changes and then resend it. If not, you can simply close the message, and it's relegated to your Drafts folder where you can keep it or delete it. As per my Experience you might want to set it to 30 Seconds that's more than enough time to think whether you want to send it or not. If you really want to send an email real Fast, 30 Seconds won't make it any late. Unfortunately this Amazing Feature is not available on the App version of Gmail yet. But according to some sites it will come to Gmail App Real soon. Keep in mind Undo Send won’t help if you wake up riddled with regret the morning after sending a novella-length email to an ex. But if you’re giving your words a final once-over after sending and find a typo, you just might have time to rescue it from the clutches of the Internet before your incorrect use of “there” is immortalized in someone else’s inbox.

Create New Gmail Account, Signup - How to

How to create a Gmail account : Google mail is web-based account or an internet regarding account. In this you can create your account which will store your emails.These emails will directly get into your account and not on your Computer.You can send emails and receive them from anywhere through any computer as you will be having one particular account and you can access it but will need a computer with internet access.

Create New Gmail Account, Signup - How to :

Create new gmail account
 This is possible from anywhere in the World. In this Blog, we will be telling you How to get a Gmail account started. Creating a Gmail account lets you use other google services such as Youtube, Google drive and Google plus.Wel,l for creating Gmail account you can  use any browser like internet explorer,Firefox,chrome etc. Making Gmail account is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps

 Step 1 - The first step is to Open your browser and then go to its Homepage i.e Google Homepage. 

Step 2 - After you have opened your browser you will see Gmail on the right hand side at top corner on the page. Now open the Gmail website.

 Step 3 - You will see a Block appearing with ' sign in ' option. Sign in option is for those who already have Gmail account,they will type there ID and password and can log into the account. But as here for Gmail account you have to create Google account first. As you don't have a Google account yet, you will definitely have to create it. So what you have to do is Click on  'Create an account' ,a blue colored link just below ‘sign-in’ .This will make you create your Google account. So on Google page you are making Gmail account.This Gmail account helps you create Google account which will help you use many other Google services.

Create New Gmail Account

 Step 4 - To provide information – For creating your account, you need to enter some of your personal details .Google needs information like your first name and last name,your birth date,your gender and some more. So options will appear,in which you have to fill all the information,first option will be of name.Then  the main option is of " Choose your username ". This you have to decide,it will be your ' id ' name it will be followed by  ''. This will be unique as no one can use id fassion,identical to your's .Google checks this,whether this id is used by any other user.   

Step 5 - Incase your username already exists - If your username is already taken,you will be given various options to select any other name,So you can try any of them or you can change the username according to your wish. After filling this column, you need to enter other details  like next is the Password.This is for security of your account so that no one can hack it .Your password is key to open your account. Then you will be asked to confirm your password just to check if you’ve entered it correctly. After this you to fill Birth date i.e including the day, month and year. Then comes  Gender and your Mobile number. These all information are very confidential for the security of your account.Before proceeding further ,you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of Google service. Read the document very carefully so as to prevent any problems in future.

 Step 6 - CAPTCHA code - In case of your password you will be asked then for CAPTCHA code i.e two random words given in weird fashion.This is a verification tool,to ensure that a real person is creating account.If you are not able to read it you can refresh the page by clicking on refresh icon nearby or you can click on speaker icon to get it read aloud through your computer speakers.

 Gmail Login

 Step 7 - Location - you will be asked for your current location i.e residence(where you live).You have to choose your Country of residence .Well it doesn't matter from wherever you use your account you should fill this option with the current location,where you live.

 Step 8 - Profile page After completion of previous information page and CAPTCHA code, clicking to next option will take us to the  Profile Page. Here you will be asked to set up your email.You can put image,for this you have to click on 'Add Profile photo and photo from your gallery .If you don't wish to put picture on web,you can click on Next step

 Step 9 - Google plus profile creation Agreeing to terms and conditions and profile set up next step will move you to Google plus profile creation page.Your Google account creation makes you create Google plus account which helps you use other Google services.Google plus is Google's Social Network and Google services are linked to it.

 Step 10 - Your Gmail account is successfully created. A block will pop up mentioning about your Gmail account, confirming your account. Gmail account users will now receive mails from you and will get notifications of your Gmail activities.At the bottom blue colored "Continue to Gmail" option will be there from where you can visit any other Google services.This you can do while your account is logged in, no issue. Login Signin Signup | Create New Gmail Account

Gmail Login : Login signin from here. Learn how to create Gmail Login Account with these steps. Hey hi!!  We are here today to tell you how to create a new Gmail account.  It is so very simple to create a Gmail account.  Even though you are a first timer you can create it easily and quickly within no time by reading our article.  First of all let us know pinky details about Gmail and Gmail account.  Google mail or Gmail is a web-based email account through which emails will be sent and will be received. Login Signin Signup | Create New Gmail Account : login signin

The received mails will be stored in Inbox whereas the sent mails will be stored in Sent mail.  Lots of deals and actions will be done with the use of email in Gmail accounts.  The user can access his/her account from any computer from anywhere with the help of email id and password.  
So let us see how to create a new Gmail account to access it and make full use of it.  The most common used web browser is Chrome and so we are going to demonstrate the Gmail account creating in Chrome browser.  
In order to create a new Gmail account you must need a computer with internet access.  So if you have them handy you can start creating your Gmail account right away.

Procedure to create New Gmail account :

Step 1 
The first thing you need to do in order to create a Gmail account is open the web browser by clicking on the browser icon on the desktop.
Step 2
Now go to the official page of Google i.e., www.
Step 3
You can see the “Gmail” link at the top right corner of the page, which on clicking will direct you to the Create Your Google Account page.
Step 4
When you are directed to Create Your Google Account page you have to create your account by filling your particulars to sign up with Gmail account.  
Create New Gmail Account
The particulars include your first name, last name and in the “choose your username” slot fill with your email id with “”.   When you provide your email id, Google will check the availability of the email id you have provided and if there is availability it will mark a tick and give way to fill the rest of the particulars.  You have to create your password and retype it in the “confirm your password” slot.  The password should at least contain 8 characters.  You need to fill the birth details, Gender, Mobile number, current email address (if any).  You have to go through the verification procedure in order to prove to the Google that you are not a robot and you are a human being.  In order to verify, you have to fill the CAPTCHA code in the text box provided below.  You have to fill in the location (country) and then agree to the terms and conditions of Google by clicking on ‘I agree to the Google terms of service and Privacy Policy’.  Then click on Next Step.
Step 5
If the email id you have chosen is in availability your account will be created.  Otherwise you will need to fill in the details once again with available email id.  
Step 6
After filling all the details you have to click Next Step where you need to create a profile page.  You can set a profile picture and click ok.  If you want you can add Click on Add Profile Photo and find a photo to add.  Then click Next Step.
 Step 8
Your account is set now and you can go to the inbox and get started with using your account.

Congrats by now you have owned a new login account.If you have any doubts please do comment in the comments section below.